Pagan Peak Season 2 promo pic with Nicholas Ofczarek as Gedeon Winter and Julia Jentsch as Ellie Stocker

Pagan Peak season 2, on the Topic channel, introduces us to a new character, ambitious young German detective Yela Antic (Franziska Von Harsdorf), who witnesses her boss, Ellie Stocker (Julia Jentsch) having an attack of PTSD from the events of season 1. In Austria, Gedeon (Nicholas Ofczarek) is also worse for the wear after last year’s drama. Meanwhile, another killer is gathering momentum, and he is protected by layers of wealth and good standing. Yela, Ellie and Gedeon will have to come together to stop him.

I can’t find an English language trailer, but you can see the German trailer for Pagan Peak here.

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