The Truth Will Out Season 2 promo shot, with Christopher Wagelin as Jorma Vitanen, Ia Langhammer as Barbro, Robert Gustafsson as Peter Wendel, and Louise Peterhoff as Caijsa Bergholm

The Truth Will Out season 2, on Acorn TV, is a Swedish gem. In season 1, Peter Wendel (Robert Gustafsson) was demoted to solving cold cases, and assigned a team of misfits to do so. Together, they managed to solve a major case, but the indignities continue. In season 2, we find the team ensconced in a racquetball court in the leaky basement of police HQ with crap cases on their docket. But when a colleague, Conny (Stefan Gödicke), is murdered, the crime scene techs finds 7 of Peter’s cold case files in his house. The team is supposed to investigate how Conny got the files, “and nothing else.” Where this leads is a twisty, disturbing ride that finally solves the question of whether or not Peter’s brother Urban (Darius Meskauskas) committed suicide or was murdered many years ago.

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Catching Up With The Team

In Season 2 of The Truth Will Out, Peter is still spacing out, ruminating about his brother’s death. Mostly his reveries focus on their childhood. Peter’s capacity for tuning people out is legendary. It’s not that he’s clueless, or else he would be a terrible detective. He is so singularly focused that nothing penetrates his concentration, which is sometimes played for comedy, and sometimes to illustrate how Peter pushes everyone away, including his loved ones.  The only person he talks to, really, is Barbro (Ia Langhammer), with whom he is downright chatty. She has been unofficially promoted from admin to cop, and Peter takes her everywhere with him. As in season 1, Barbro’s keen sense of observation contributes mightily to the case. Frankly, I could watch those two and their mindless patter for hours.

Caijsa (Louise Peterhoff) is extremely pregnant and obsessed with the murder of a young woman back in 2005, to the exclusion of all other cases or even conversations. Turns out, her baby is Jorma’s (Christopher Wagelin), from their drunken one-night stand in season 1. Jorma has left the force to pursue his real estate career, but if he hears one more description of pine floors, he’s going to rip his eyeballs out, so he returns to the team. Imagine his shock upon seeing Caijsa. “Is that mine?” he blurts. “Of course it is!” Caijsa exclaims. Meanwhile, Jorma and his girlfriend are trying to get pregnant and can’t.

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The Case

Before Conny is killed, he tells Peter that he’s working on something he will share when it’s done. “But I think you’re right, about your brother,” he tells Peter. That night, Conny is mowed down by a car, then taken to the woods and shot. Obviously, Peter is not going to let that statement lie, and he is determined to find out what Conny meant. Later, at Conny’s apartment with the forensic team, Peter sees the Police Commissioner, Ludwig “Ludde” Larsson (Samuel Fröler) palm something off a dresser. As Barbro and Peter surveil Ludde the next day, they witness some very unsavory behavior with young, probably underage, prostitutes. “I didn’t expect that!” Barbro says, as she shoots pictures with a telephoto lens. Eventually, the story winds around to Conny’s murder, and also to Urban’s suicide but it takes some unexpected routes.

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Our Take on The Truth Will Out Season 2

I love this series. Although it’s only 5 episodes, it’s completely unrushed. The creators take time to linger on small details, like Barbro’s love of sweets, or Caijsa enjoying the sound of her baby’s heartbeat in an ultrasound. The plot is a little unrealistic, with so many twists and tidy endings, but who cares? Season 2 of The Truth Will Out is about finding your chosen family. It’s a series that wouldn’t work with just any actors, but Robert Gustafsson and Ia Langhammer are marvelous together. It’s a rare and pleasant surprise when a second season is as good as the first, as is the case here.  I ended up bingeing all 5 episodes in one night.

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