teaser image for The Mire: Millennium on Netflix

The Mire is a series from Poland on Netflix that takes place in the Gronty forest, which has been the location of several crimes over the decades.

 Seasons 1 and 2 of The Mire

In season 1, which took place in 1984, veteran journalist Witold Wanycz (Andrzej Seweryn) and his annoying but tenacious assistant Piotr Zarzycki (Dawid Ogrodnik) investigate the death of both prostitute and a local communist activist who are found in the Gronty forest.

In Season 2 of The Mire 97, which takes place in 1997, a flood unearths human remains in the Gronty forest, that turn out to be from the World War II era. Now Piotr is the editor-in-chief of the paper, and Witold is retired. But he was a teen during World War II, so he is pulled into the mystery. You can read our full review here.

 Coming up in The Mire: Millennium

In the upcoming season 3, The Mire: Millennium, the picture broadens out, and the characters learn the truth about the darkness in the Gronty forest past, present and future. Netflix is keeping the plot details under wraps. There’s a very unsatisfying, if stylish, teaser here. If you haven’t seen seasons 1 and 2, it’s worth catching up before Feb 28.

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