Slow Horses promo shot from Apple Tv+

A “Slow Horse” is a term for a British spy who has so banjaxed their career that they are sent to purgatory, otherwise known as “Slough House”, which is run by Jackson Lamb, a brilliant spy wrapped in a broken-down chassis and rude wit, played by Gary Oldman.

Based on Mick Herron’s popular book series (affiliate link), the Slow Horses inevitably stumble into high stakes operations, despite the efforts of Lamb and MI-5 to keep them busy with an never-ending list of pointless tasks at Slough House.

Kristen Scott Thomas plays the chilly maven of MI-5, and she and Gary Oldman have sparky frenemy chemistry. You can spot that in the trailer here. I find the books genuinely funny with compelling cases, and can’t wait for the series.

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