Cold Courage promo pic with John Simm Arthur Fried, Pihla Vitaala as Mari and Sofia Pekkari as Lia

 Starring Pihla Vitaala (Karppi of Deadwind) as Mari, Cold Courage is an adaptation of the first of Finnish author Pekka Hiltunen’s “Studio Series” books, which you can buy here (affiliate link). In modern day London, there is a multinational underground group of vigilantes who seek to right the wrongs of corrupt, powerful people. For Mari, this is dangerous politician Arthur Fried (John Simm). Mari sends Lia (Sofia Pekkari), who’s seeking answers of her own, to infiltrate his campaign, but is Mari to be trusted? AMC+ has picked up the series, which starts March 11. We’re looking forward to it! You can see the English language trailer here.

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