According to Netflix, 50% of their subscribers have watched a foreign-language show, up from 30% just a few years ago. Citing the success of Germany’s Dark (our review of season 2 here), and Denmark’s The Rain (our review of season 2 here), head of international originals Kelly Luegendiehl told audiences at Content London that, “This is just the beginning. Hollywood is not the end-all and be-all of storytelling.” As the streamer further develops it’s international content, it is likely to foray into non-crime genres, such as documentary, kids, and comedy.

New Frontiers

In recent years we saw Netflix feature shows beyond Europe-from Asia, India and South America. Africa seems to be the next frontier for Netflix, with originals planned from South Africa, Nigeria, possibly Kenya, and Egypt, which is a first for that country.

As always, we will be watching it all and letting you know which foreign TV series are worth your time.

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