Are you hearing the buzz about Netlix’ German show Dark? Perhaps you are intrigued, but don’t want to read subtitles. Well, now is the time! Dark is a perfect example of why it’s time to embrace subtitles-it’s beautifully produced, amazingly acted, and is both conceptual and humanist. AND there isn’t anything like it on English speaking TV right now. It’s also in our Top 10, which you can download here.

“But I hate subtitles!”

It’s time to give that up. First of all, aren’t you already using closed captioning and/or titles on English language programming in order to better understand what people are saying? If you aren’t doing that, let me tell you, it’s a revelation, even if you are 27 years old.

Secondly, there IS dubbing. Many of the shows have been dubbed in English. However, I can’t bear the lips not matching the words, so I’d rather have the subtitles.

“But if I’m reading, aren’t I missing the action?”

No. The brain works quicker than that. Also, on some programs you can adjust fonts and colors of the subtitles now, so you don’t have to squint.

“So I can turn the volume down?”

It’s important to keep the volume up. One of the joys of watching a show in a foreign language is hearing (and kinda learning) the actual language. I love that I can now say “Thanks” in 7 languages, and pronounce it correctly.

Also you need to hear the context of the word. For example, “habibi” is an Arabic word that means, “friend”, or “dear”. But it can also be proffered in the used car salesman style, such as “My friend, for you, half price!” or it can mean the opposite of its original intent, such as “My friend, it’s time for you to die.”

I promise that if you give it a try, you will soon get used to subtitles, and you will be rewarded with unlimited programming choices from around the globe.  For more articles, go here.