Blinded - Those Who Kill Blinded – Those Who Kill: Natalie Madueño as Louise Bergstein, Helle Fagralid as Karina Hørup —

 Blinded-Those Who Kill is the second season of the Danish Those Who Kill series reboot. Profiler Louise Bergstrom (Natalie Madueño), whom you may remember from Darkness-Those Who Kill, agrees to take on a cold case involving the son of her mother’s friend Alice. Five years earlier, three young men were murdered on the island of Funen, one of which was Alice’s son. When another body turns up killed in a similar way, Louise knows it’s a race against time before there are more victims. I have to say, I’m bummed that Jan (Kenneth M Christensen) isn’t in this season, but I look forward to checking it out. You can see the trailer here.

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