Julian Vergov and Ana Papadopulu as Kamen Petkov and Raliza Petkova in The Hunt for Salamander

In The Hunt For Salamander, an award-winning Bulgarian series on the Topic channel, Kamen Petkov (Julian Vergov), the ungovernable head of the National Missing Persons division, is working a murder of a Croatian girl in a city park. His ex-wife, Raliza Petkova (Ana Papadopulu) is a police inspector who witnesses the poisoning deaths of several shady businessmen. Although the cases seem unrelated, they do merge, exposing an underground crime syndicate known as “Salamander”, which may have had something to do with the death of the Petkov’s daughter 11 years ago.

All episodes of The Hunt for Salamander drop June 22 on the Topic channel. You can see the trailer here.  

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