Walter Iuzzolino is a former TV producer in the UK who decided to turn his obssession with foreign language TV into a business. He founded the company Walter Presents, which curates the best foreign TV series and distributes them via partners such as PBS in the U.S., or Channel 4 in the UK.

Walter’s Rules

Walter himself picks the shows for Walter Presents, and he has the following rules: that the show be a hit in its home country, that it be award winning or critically acclaimed, and that it feature the best writing and production values.  Some hits from Walter Presents are Belgium’s Professor T, Sweden’s Before We Die and Poland’s The Teacher

One More Subscription

I’m sure that, like me, you feel like you already have too many TV subscriptions. But I promise you that, if you are a fan of foreign crime drama, it’s definitely worth it to subscribe to Walter Presents. In the U.S., you can find WP on the Amazon PBS Masterpiece channel, as an app on Roku, or on Xfinity on demand. I recommend the Amazon PBS channel because you get all of Walter AND all of Masterpiece for $6/month. If you already subscribe to Masterpiece, you already have Walter Presents!

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