We’re a little late to the game, but we just started watching the highly-acclaimed French series, The Bureau on Sundance Now. “The Bureau” refers to the Bureau of Legends inside the DGSE, the French version of the CIA, and we follow several spies on their missions, or adjusting to life after an undercover mission, as the case may be. The main star is Mathieu Kassovitz, who you may recognize from Amelie. The show is a deep dive into characters we will be following for a while. The creators seem to make interesting and atypical choices regarding plot points, which makes us happy. With 5 seasons already completed, it feels like we just found a good book that has 900 pages! Look for our official review in the near future. Could this move into our Top 10? If so, who will get bumped?

Note: If you don’t have Sundance Now, The Bureau is available for purchase on Amazon, Google, and iTunes.