The Teacher season 2 on Walter Presents, takes place immediately after the events of season 1. Pawel Zawadzki (Maciej Stuhr-who reminds me of Gary Sinise), a literature teacher and amateur detective, is planted by the CBI (FBI) in an elite private school in Wroclaw, which is a much bigger city than the fictional small town of Dobrowice in season 1. Ostensibly, his task is to figure out why three students disappeared a few weeks earlier, but when he arrives, it turns out that they are back. But instead of letting Pawel leave, CBI agent Radek (Szymon Piotr Warszawski) feels that something fishy is going on, and presses him to stay and figure it out. The plot gets extremely convoluted from there, and I truly didn’t know how it was going to end until the last minutes of the final episode, and neither did Pawel, who took a lot of abuse before the whopper of a conclusion was revealed.

A Confounding Case

When Pawel finds out that the missing kids have returned to the school, he is grumpy. Although he doesn’t see the point, he grudgingly agrees to stay. And then, this is not a spoiler, by the end of episode 1, one of the returned students, Iwo (Damian Kret), locks down the school during play rehearsal and proceeds to gun down several people before committing suicide by cop. As he’s dying, he says to Pawel, “My mission is only two-thirds complete”. Upon watching the security footage, it’s clear that Iwo wasn’t firing indiscriminately, but clearly had certain targets in mind. As for how he was so well-trained with firearms, turns out Iwo was part of a radical and secretive survivalist group, which actually may be more into domestic terrorism. Pawel hopes the answer to Iwo’s dying words lies with the survivalist group, but he realizes he will never fit in there, so he enlists a spy. I’m not going to spoil who it is, but it’s a good plot turn.

Our review of The Teacher season 2

As for this review of The Teacher season 2, there’s not much more I can write, for two reasons: the plot is too byzantine to easily summarize, and I don’t want to spoil anything. I will say that there are fewer subplots than in season 1. The focus is more on solving the ever-changing mystery. Every time Pawel finds an answer, another question surfaces. Suffice it to say that The Teacher season 2 is an engrossing thriller that will keep you guessing until the end. In fact, in the penultimate episode you will be thinking, “Why do we need another episode, because isn’t this solved?” Oh, but it’s not. The final twist will have you thinking back over the whole season with a different perspective. My only beef is that the ending isn’t satisfactorily explained, but the rest of the season is meaty, mysterious and surprising.

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